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ANote Music published in Deloitte’s Art & Finance report 2019

Since launching the initiative in 2011, Deloitte has been publishing this report aiming to act as a barometer for the emerging Art and Finance industry, and to highlight the main trends and developments in the Art market.

In view of the topic of ‘Fractional Ownership’ as an investment method, Deloitte’s report concludes its growing demand as a solid solution for the industry. We are greatly excited to be recognized by Deloitte as an interesting case study to look at, when it comes to ‘Fractional Art Ownership Platforms’.

In an interview with ANote Music’s COO, Matteo Cernuschi, the report digs deeper into the cutting-edge technology that was developed to invest in music copyrights, the status quo of the music industry and the financial perks of investing in music. We’ll let you discover the full content of this article by yourself here below:

We wish to thank Deloitte for featuring us in this highly reputed industry report. You can discover the full report on Deloitte’s dedicated webpage by clicking here.



Stay tuned!