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Fans listen to music more than ever - Key takeaways from IFPI’s “Engaging with music” 2022

Following the release in March of their “Global Music Report 2022” - which we already analysed in this article - IFPI, the body representing the recording music industry worldwide, recently released their “Engaging with Music 2022”, a global report on how people around the world enjoy and engage with music based on the responses from 44,000+ people across 22 countries.

Along with several interesting findings, the new global music study shows that fans are now listening and engaging with music more than ever, and this contributes to consolidate music as a growing subject of interest for people around the world, likely carried by the growing expansion of music streaming services worldwide.

Music consumption 2022 - IFPI report

Here’s a summary of the main takeaways from the report:

  • Weekly music consumption: music fans are listening more to music today than ever before, spending on average 20.1 hours listening to music on a weekly basis (up from 18.4 hours in 2021).

  • Paid-streaming: 46% of respondents use subscription audio streaming services, which offer uninterrupted and on-demand access to millions of licensed tracks.

  • Mental and physical health: music continues to play a vital role supporting both mental health and physical activity. While 69% of people say music is important to their mental health, 68% say that music is important when they exercise.

  • Music genres variety: alongside popular genres such as Hip-Hop, Rock and Pop, more than 500 different genres were identified by at least one respondent - including Sertanejo, Samba, Disco-Polo and Dangdut – contributing to a rich mixture of local and global music available to music fans across the globe.

Are you curious to dive even further into IFPI’s analysis? Check the above infographic or click here to download the entire report.


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