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ANote becomes associate member of MuSee+ at the new MID3M+

Between 19 and 21 January 2023, the MIDEM conference – organised by The City of Cannes and the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès – came back to the scene after skipping a few editions. With a new team and vision behind it, the leading music industry event is back revamped and branded under the name MID3M+.

The new MIDEM will be designed by and for music professionals, pursuing the ambition to represent the entire global music ecosystem. To this end, MuSee+ (Music Seekers+) was created, the first business club and think tank of international decision-makers from the music industry representing its various trades. ANote Music is proud to be an associate member of the MuSee+ community, and together with other top 100 decision-makers from the sector we’ll be working closely together to define the editorial line and DNA of MID3M+.

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To represent ANote during this year’s kickoff meeting, we’ve had our Legal Counsel Claire Sabatier travel to Cannes. Being back in the office, this is how she looks back at the event:

“MIDEM has always been one of those big industry events everyone always talks about. It’s great to see that with MID3M+ they are looking to innovate. It’s an excellent idea to organise workshops between the MuSee+ members to shape the future of MID3M+ and make the event “loud” again internationally.”

Claire“It was a rewarding experience to present our marketplace to the other MID3M+ participants and receive very positive feedback and loads of interest. We were the only participant offering a solution to music industry players that allows them to access financing, which they need to fund their future projects, while keeping 100% control over their rights.”

“I really enjoyed my time in Cannes and it’s very inspirational to meet so many new people form the music industry from over 16 different countries. It’s exciting to realise that we all will have a fixed place every year at this event and help shape the future. I personally look forward to meeting people with a variety of backgrounds for networking and business purposes… and all this while enjoying live music!”


Stay tuned!

ANote Music