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Insights Report Q4 2023: +€350,000 in royalties distributed during 2023

It’s a wrap! A full year has flown by, one that will be remembered as a special one for the ANote Music team and our fantastic investor community. Over the past 12 months, we added 7 new catalogues to the ANote Music marketplace, had several Direct Listings and distributed over €350,000 in royalties across 65 payouts (averaging 1 payout every 6 days), bringing the total distributed to over €570,000 since the platform's launch. 

Curious to know more? Read this article to get the main highlights from ANote Music’s royalty distribution performance over the past year.

Royalty distribution performance in 2023:

With a record-breaking €166,394.88 in royalties distributed through 19 payouts during Q4 2023, making it the highest-performing quarter since the launch of our platform, ANote Music closes the year 2023 with €352,238.45 in royalties distributed to our community of investors (+106.36% year-over-year), taking the total amount distributed since inception to €577,316.33.

Yearly distributed royalties

Figure 1: Yearly distributed royalties on the ANote Music platform

When narrowing down the focus on quarterly and monthly performance, we observe growth spread throughout the year and interesting trends in terms of royalty payouts distribution. For 11 out of 12 months, ANote Music has distributed more royalties than the previous year, with peak highlight months like April 2023, May 2023, July 2023, and October 2023, where royalties distributed marked remarkable year-over-year growth (from 6x to 9x times the 2022 amounts). As an example, in the month of August 2023 alone we paid a total of €39,739.77 which is more than the entire amount we distributed previous year during the entire third quarter of 2022. 

On a quarterly basis, ANote Music has experienced yearly growth in the amount of royalties distributed during every quarter, from a minimum of €49,699.62 distributed in Q2 2023 to a maximum of €166,394.88 distributed in Q4 2023.

Royalties distributed in 2023 monthly

Figure 2: Monthly distributed royalties on the ANote Music platform
(2022 vs. 2023)

Royalties distributed in 2023 quarterly

Figure 3: Quarterly distributed royalties on the ANote Music platform
(2022 vs. 2023)

With 65 royalty payouts executed in 2023 (30 more than in 2022), over the last 12 months there has been a royalty payout every 6 days on average (compared to a royalty payout every 10 days on average in 2022). If you missed any, here's a recap of all the payouts that took place on our platform during the last year, along with a useful visualisation of the payments distribution for every catalogue.

Royalties distributed by catalogue 2023

Table 1: Royalty payouts per individual catalogue in 2023

All these results would not have been possible without the commitment of our investors' community and music rights holders who trust our services. As the year came to an end, a new one kicked off strongly with the first two payouts of the year (MRI Selection Catalogue and EL Editions Publishing Catalogue). We could not be more excited about what the new year has to bring, for sure it will be one with many new payouts coming.

Mark your calendar and get ready for what’s next! If you are still not part of our community of investors, visit our platform and create a FREE account and you will get the chance to live your music investment experience to the fullest.

Stay tuned!