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Insights Report Q3 2023: 100 royalty payouts since platform launch

You may have heard the news but, if not, the team of ANote Music is happy to communicate that we have just marked our 100th royalty payout since the platform's first launch. The end of the third quarter of 2023 marks some important achievements in royalty distribution for the ANote Music Platform and our community of investors, with a record-breaking €73,268.18 in royalties distributed through 17 royalty payouts during Q3 2023, making it the highest amount of quarterly royalties distributed since the platform’s inception.

But that’s not all what happened during the past three months. These were the other main highlights of the last quarter:

Q3 2023 royalty payouts:

The Q3 2023 consolidates the growth trend experienced during the past two quarters by ANote Music, with a total of €73,268.18 in royalties distributed across 17 royalty payouts to our investors community (+85.97% year over year), marking it the highest quarterly royalty distribution performance since our platform’s inception.

Anote_ chart 1 (2023)Table 1: Royalties distributed per month on the ANote Music platform
(Q3 2022 vs. Q3 2023)

If you are already part of our investors community, we are sure that your music royalty investments’ experience during summer with ANote Music was full of high notes. In the month of August 2023 alone we paid a total of €39,739.77 (+125.86% year over year), which is more than the entire third quarter of the previous year (2022). The small decline experienced in September 2023, is balanced by an extraordinary performance during July 2023, where we distributed €21,647.44 in royalties (more than three times last year’s amount in the corresponding month). 

ANote Music_Distributed Royalties (Q1 2023)Figure 1: Royalties distributed on the ANote Music platform
(Q3 2022 vs. Q3 2023)

The end of the third quarter brought the total amount of royalties distributed in 2023 to investors on the ANote Music platform to €189,493.68, through 47 royalty payouts, since the beginning of the year, a 100.48% increase compared to the first nine months of 2022. If you missed some, here’s a recap of all the royalty payouts that took place on our marketplace in the past three months. 

Anote_ chart 2 (2023) (1)Table 2: Royalty payouts per individual catalogue 
(Q3 2023)

As the past quarter is finished, a new exciting one has just begun, and we kicked it off strongly with the MRI Selection Catalogue - Payout #7, which marked our 100th payout since the platform’s inception and brought the total amount of royalties distributed since launch to €414,571.56.

As we are on our way to reach the €500,000 milestone of royalties distributed on ANote Music, get ready for an entirely new quarter full of fresh royalty payouts and news as we advance on our mission to democratise the access to music investments. If you are still not part of our community of investors, visit our platform and create a FREE account and you will get the chance to live your music investment experience to the fullest.

Stay tuned!