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Platform Summer Updates 2023: What’s New?

If you have been scrolling through the ANote Music Platform in the past days you may have noticed that something is looking slightly different. Well, you’ve spotted it right! Some platform elements have recently been updated with brand new or improved features, with the main goal of making your music investment experience sound like the biggest hit in the charts.

Let’s take a quick look together at the new updates we have released with the latest version of the ANote Music Platform.

1. Improved readability of ‘Price performance’ and ‘Royalties distribution’ charts

When taking your music investment decisions on the ANote Music Marketplace, the ‘Price performance’ and the ‘Royalties distribution’ charts are made at your disposal, so that you can check with ease respectively the evolution of the catalogue’s share price since listing and the catalogue’s historical royalties performance

Frame 35570

With our latest release, the two graphs have been enriched with elements that will make it easier to navigate through the info. These improvements, include updates like buttons to select the time span of movements in the price (1D, 1W, 1M, 6M, 1Y, ALL) or the number of shares available at the time of royalty payouts (relevant for catalogues that went through Direct Listing), as well as an enriched design to navigate through the historical royalties performance.

2. New design for our 'Marketplace', 'Buy One of All' and 'Catalogue cards'

The ‘Marketplace’ is where the investors on the ANote Music Platform make deals happen. Here you will find all the available previously listed and tradable catalogues, together with those currently on auction. With our latest release, the design of this section has been updated with:

  • New catalogue cards designs: scroll through the tradable catalogues with the new simplified catalogue cards view and get an immediate overview of the catalogue's price and royalties trend over time.

  • New ‘Buy One Of All’ (BOOA) design: not sure on which catalogue to pick? The new and more intuitive design of the ‘BOOA’ feature will make the process of buying the available and profitable catalogues in bulk even easier. Scroll through the options available and make your investment decision with all the information at your hand.

Frame 35872

3. TOTP 2FA now available for authentication

The security of your investors’ accounts is at the top of our priorities. Along with our already present SMS 2FA, you can now activate the Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). The time-based passwords will provide you with increased account security when added as a second factor for authentication, thanks to a unique numeric password generated with a standardised algorithm that uses the current time as an input. Check more details on how to activate the TOTP 2FA in our dedicated Support Centre article.

4. Catalogue's Listing History

Music rights holders who have already experienced the benefits of our platform through a successful primary market auction can gradually share larger percentages of their music catalogues through Direct Listing, sharing more of their catalogue with our investors community.

Get an easy and quick overview of every catalogue’s’ history of listings information through our newly introduced ‘Listing History’ section, available in each catalogue’s dedicated page.

Frame 35873

That wraps up the overview of the latest updates that were recently released for our platform. Of course, we continue our efforts to make the platform better with each new release, and we plan on releasing more novelties as the year progresses.

If you still are not part of our platform, it’s time to create your very own account, there’s a fantastic community of investors waiting for you! Visit the ANote Music Platform, create an account, and start your journey into music royalty investments. Click here to visit the platform.

Stay tuned!