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A quick recap on the trading cup – Facts & Figures

Two weeks ago, our first ANote Music Trading Cup came to an end. Since, our winner has received his prize for coming in the first place and our team has had the chance to look into the participants’ feedback. Time to share the most interesting insights with you:

The Trading Cup was launched with the idea to host a small final test run for the ANote Music Platform and at the same time allow a small group of early adaptors to already get acquainted with our trading principles. Shortly after making the announcement, all 60 open positions were filled in, and in order to please the ongoing demand of participants, we decided to extend the number of participants to 100.

During the 15-days-lasting competition, the participants had to manage a virtual investment portfolio of 10,000 euro each. The participants traded in total for over 244.500 Euro worth of music rights. At the end of the competition, 35 participants had successfully completed all necessary steps to qualify for the Final Ranking. Over 75% of the participants managed to achieve a Total Net Value that was profitable and ended up successfully positive. One participant in particular distinguished himself from the others; with a total of 20.357,14 Euro he more than doubled the initial starting amount. Pretty impressive if you ask us (but clearly, achievable!).

WhatsApp-Image-2020-05-14-at-19.55.06-225x300-1User SNOVO - Simone Novo, winner of the first ANote Music Trading Cup

“This Trading Cup was a very fun experience for me. I have discovered ANote Music through some friends and this was the perfect moment for me to get a better understanding of how the platform really functions. My financial background made me quickly understand what trading moves would be worth making, and this competition made me really excited about the upcoming launch of the platform” says the happy Simone Novo, better known with the username SNOVO, while receiving his Bose SoundLink Revolve+ award.

Participants feedback

Everyone who completed the competition and provided us with their feedback in the evaluation form, was qualified to receive a 50% discount code, to reduce by half the distribution fees applied when distributing Royalties Interests once the platform will officially launch.

The received feedback has proven to be very valuable for us, as it gives us a better understanding and insight into what the users really want, and into points that we could further improve prior to the platform’s launch.

The overall performance of the ANote Music platform received an average score of 7,2 out of 10. While we always see room for improvement and fresh opportunities, we are certainly pleased to receive such great feedback. Our team is already busy implementing all necessary changes to constantly improve your trading experience. What was even more important to us, was seeing everything unfolding as planned and scheduled, which really reinforced the powerful team we have built behind the scenes.

We wish to give a final shout-out to all participants and early adopters who took part in our competition and thank them for their time and warm support. The ANote Music Platform has reached the stability and quality that would be required from an investment platform, and we are now confident to plan our official launch very soon. We’ll share more news and information about this in the next few days, so stay tuned.