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Subscription to the ANote Music Trading Cup now open. Join the competition!

What is the best way for you to discover a new platform? That’s right, by testing it firsthand while at the same time getting the chance to earn cool prizes. With this idea in mind, ANote Music has just launched their first Trading Cup initiative and subscriptions are now open.

For this first edition, the competition is limited to a maximum of 60 participants only, so if you wish to take part, you’d better subscribe fast. But, why should you?  

The Trading Cup is the ideal set-up for users to discover how the ANote Music Platform works without the risk of losing real money. During a 15days lasting competition (22 April until 07 May), the organization will replicate as realistic as possible a 6month trading period. Participants will have the chance to manage a (virtual) Investment Portfolio of 10,000EUR and will be looking to grow their investments as much as possible, by trading music rights, in order to claim the first prize at the end of the competition.

The virtual investments will pay out royalties, similar as how it would happen on the real market. News events will be published, that may (or may  not) have an impact on how well certain music catalogues will be performing. Although the competition is a simulation, the prizes and the experience for the participants is real. 

Everybody wins

Whoever takes the first place at the end of the competition, will win a Bose SoundLInk Evolve+, but he/she will not be the only one winning. Every participant who fully completes the competition and fills out the evaluation form at the end, will receive a discount code that can be used to reduce by 50% the management fees applied when distributing Royalties Interests when the ANote Music Platform officially becomes available to the public.

ANote Music has received a lot of interest of people to already use the platform. With this Trading Cup the company aims to give early adaptors the chance to already get acquaintance with the platform and its functionalities before hitting officially  the market. 

Visit the dedicated landing page for all competition info in order to subscribe:

Update 15 April 2020:
Your support for our Trading Cup has been massive, thank you! Almost all open spots were already taken shortly after the first announcement. As many of you also have shown us the interest to join, ANote Music has decided to extend the number of participants from 60 to a 100.  By doing so we wish to give more people the chance to join and win. Be quick, as we don’t expect the extra spots to remain open for long.